Sunday, 28 April 2013

Shoe Sunday - Thundercats Converse

I have a bit of an addiction to footwear. There, I've said it out loud, well, via typing and the internet! 

Although I love shoes in all their pretty forms I'm utterly useless in heels unless they're chunky or wedge. Most of my collection are flats and pumps but are beautiful all the same and I've decided to start a wee "Shoe Sunday" to show off their prettiness week by week. 

Today is the turn of my Thundercats Converse.

I took them on a trip to the beach!

I bought these online from Schuh when they were in the sale at the end of January for just £22.99 They're sold out online now but there are some available on eBay at the moment or there are Cheetara Cons available on Schuh for £47
These beauties are on my wishlist.

Being born in the early 80s I spent Saturday mornings shouting Thundercats Hoooo! I even went to a fancy dress party as Cheetara a few years ago, where only one person knew who I was despite the big Thundercats logo in the middle of my chest and my cheetah print hair.

I've recently started becoming a bit braver with what I'm wearing, when I was younger I had no fear at all and that resulted in some utter disasters. I like to think I know what suits me now, what I feel comfortable in and what I can pull off. So bit by bit my wardrobe is changing for the better thanks to ebay and charity shops and I'm feeling a bit braver at showing them off.

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