Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Find us on Pinterest

Like a lot of people I got a little bit hooked on pinterest. I'm going through phases of spending hours browsing pins and pinning away all the lovely things I stumble across on the internet, then doing nothing for two weeks till I need to procrastinate again!

I've got quite a few boards, ranging from general food & crafty ideas to my slight obsessions like Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland. I've also got a board with all the Rock N Retro items pinned, easy for you to repin to give a subtle hint to your friends and family!

Have you got any favourite pins, boards or people I should be following? Let me know!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Rock N Retro Offer of the Week

Not only do you get a supercute free pair of acrylic studs with every order here at Rock N Retro, but every week we've got a new Special Offer for you!

This week from Monday 29th April through to Sunday 5th May inclusive you get 25% off your order when you spend £10 or more (not including p&p)

Just enter the code 25OFF in the discount box on checkout! 

We've revamped our product line and as well as stocking a range of products hand-built and hand-made by us here at RnR we also carefully select a range of brand new pieces along with one-off pre-loved items. We're now stocking not just jewellery but homeware, clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories and anything we think you will love as much as us.

Check out the awesome twist on a classic Cherry Necklace

Rockin' Record cake stand perfect for your cupcakes!

Or go a bit Deirdre Barlow with some big vintage sunnies!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Shoe Sunday - Thundercats Converse

I have a bit of an addiction to footwear. There, I've said it out loud, well, via typing and the internet! 

Although I love shoes in all their pretty forms I'm utterly useless in heels unless they're chunky or wedge. Most of my collection are flats and pumps but are beautiful all the same and I've decided to start a wee "Shoe Sunday" to show off their prettiness week by week. 

Today is the turn of my Thundercats Converse.

I took them on a trip to the beach!

I bought these online from Schuh when they were in the sale at the end of January for just £22.99 They're sold out online now but there are some available on eBay at the moment or there are Cheetara Cons available on Schuh for £47
These beauties are on my wishlist.

Being born in the early 80s I spent Saturday mornings shouting Thundercats Hoooo! I even went to a fancy dress party as Cheetara a few years ago, where only one person knew who I was despite the big Thundercats logo in the middle of my chest and my cheetah print hair.

I've recently started becoming a bit braver with what I'm wearing, when I was younger I had no fear at all and that resulted in some utter disasters. I like to think I know what suits me now, what I feel comfortable in and what I can pull off. So bit by bit my wardrobe is changing for the better thanks to ebay and charity shops and I'm feeling a bit braver at showing them off.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Classy Cocktails at The County Hotel Stornoway

This week it was a good friend's birthday, so as a wee treat we decided to get all dolled up nice and go to one of the new Cocktail Bars in our little town.

A take-away and a watch of Pitch Perfect got the evening started off wonderfully (my life is better just from watching that film!) then off to The County Hotel we went.

We'd been once before, after work and very casual, but the drinks were SO good. I stuck with what I know and love and had a fruity Mojito, I'm very much a rum girl at heart! I tried to get a "look, I'm so classy" photo but my friend decided he was going to photobomb and I didn't realise till we got back!

Me and the Birthday Girl

I'd got my hair done earlier in the day. Sometimes you just need a wee treat and to dress fancy for the slightest reason. It was a little scary mid 'do though as I looked rather like Cruella de Vil!

But I had faith and ended up with a wonderful mini beehive with the most gorgeous roll at the back. I'm a bit sad that I've not got a photo of the back to show you, but look how pretty the front turned out!

Cream Rose Collar Top is from Primark quite some time ago - Zombie Necklace will be back on the website very soon! - Earrings are the Hawaiian Frangipani Studs, £3.99 - Cardigan is by Banned Clothing, I got mine from ebay but it's available here for £22.99

To leave you with a wee giggle, if you go to the functions page of The County Hotel website you'll see me there on the left, 2 years ago at my sister's 21st Birthday meal! I think I've changed slightly since then :)