Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Creature of habit

I'm very much a creature of habit when it comes to my accessories. I tend not to wear any jewellery at work as it gets in the way and I get a bit paranoid about breaking or losing stuff. When it comes to other times though, I get into a bit of a rut and wear the same pieces constantly for weeks on end before swapping them for other pieces and then forgetting about the previous favourites for ages. 
Cue cheesy vignette phone photo of the wall beside my dressing table!

This is part of my attempt to get out of the rut. I've amassed quite a bit of jewellery over the years but used to keep it all bundled up and hidden away. It's now all out on my dressing table, or hanging beside it on the wall, which means I'm more tempted to try something different on every day.

The plastic deer head was originally attached to a barometer which had unfortunately broken apart in a box full of stuff. My love for all things deer took over and I rescued him with no idea what on earth I would do with it. A couple of push pins and some detangling of chain later and I've got me a snazzy necklace hanger.

I'm rather tempted to paint him, but at the moment his brown goes quite well with the colour of my walls so he'll stay au naturel for the moment. 

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