Sunday, 1 May 2011

Where have I been and what's the news?

Hello hello lovely people!

I've been missing for a whiley and Rock N Retro has taken a bit of a backseat so what's been going on?

Well, it's been a funny ole year for me peronally. Things that I thought were set in stone weren't and I've had to adjust to life happening in a completely different way than was planned. With that happening I decided I was going to branch out from stocking just jewellery at RnR.

While I was working away planning things behind the scenes the most awesome job ever (apart from Rock N Retro) was advertised in the local paper and I decided to go for it.

Weeks of planning followed, then the interview and 6 weeks ago I started a new job as Sales Co-Ordinator in our local hospice's Charity Shop!

So my "main" job now is with the Bethesda Hospice Charity Shop for 30 hours a week. I have a band of lovely lady volunteers working in the shop, along with a few marvelous men working away in other areas.

For me it's a wonderful job: every day is different, the stock is always changing and we're raising much needed money for the Hospice. They have to raise £250,000 a year to keep the hospice going, and as it's the only hospice in the Outer Hebrides it's a much needed and greatly valued part of our Island community. And being a Charity Shop Shopper at heart helps a bit too :)

During my busy start at the new job I decided to take a wee break from RnR but we're back this weekend with a fabulous goodie bag offer:

£20 worth of current pieces for £10
£40 worth of current pieces for £20

Both options are available in the Quirky & Fun theme or the Vintage & Inspired theme.

Once I'm all settled in properly I'll be running Rock N Retro on a part-time basis, but I've some fabulous ideas up my sleeve for how I'm going to do it!

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