Wednesday, 4 August 2010

We've got Polyvore!

I've finally caved in and signed up to polyvore.

I'm pretty skint at the moment, my wardrobe isn't exactly brimming with fantabulous clothes to show off outfits and my social life is just about non-existant. So I'm thinking that this might be a way to browse clothes online and not feeling guilty about wasting my time, hah!

Mostly it'll be sets featuring one thing that I've got "I want that SO bad" teamed up with some other fab pieces and finished with a bit of Rock N Retro :)

My first set is pretty basic, I got far too excited and wanted to try it out right away, clickety click to view it bigger on our polyvore account.

Have you got any style tips for RnR pieces? What do you wear your RnR pieces with? we'd love to know.

Find me on Polyvore