Thursday, 24 June 2010

Win Me Wednesday - Winner Announced

Time for our June edition of Win me Wednesday's Draw :)

I have an unhealthy obsession with buying random mugs and also glasses that have any kind of alcohol brand on them, but we'll leave them till another day. Most of them are all boxed up at the moment as a house-move is on the horizon in the near future, hopefully sooner rather than later as we werre suppose to move at the end of April but it's still not finished yet!

Anyhoo, this beauty is one mug that is still on my shelves. I purchased a trio of them - Pot Spaghetti, Pot Rice and Pot Chilli - from ebay about four years ago now. Unfortunately the seller sent them in a flimsy box with barely any bubble wrap so they were all broken when they arrived. The Spaghetti and Rice were rescued as it was just the handles that were off, but the Chilli ended up in the smashed kitchenware graveyard :(

Today Pot Spaghetti Mug was used as the receptacle for the Win Me Wednesday entries:

Congratulations Hannah Ga Ga Graham! Send me an email with your postal address to sarah (@) and your 7 pairs of rose studs will be sent your way