Sunday, 4 April 2010

This Week I've Mostly Been. . . 4/04/10

Really, really busy!

My days are taken up with making and posting out orders and my evenings have been taken up with painting the "new" house so we can get all the finishings done and finally move in - new office here I come :)

We've got a couple more new items to come to the shop this coming week and a wee restock of some pieces too, and don't forget that the next "Win Me Wednesday" facebook competition will be taking place this week on the 7th, so if you're not a fan already make sure you are before Wednesday.

April is a month of Birthdays and Anniversaries in my family and it's become something of a tradition for me to bake my little sister & brother's cakes and browsing for inspiration I looked up

If you've not visited the site before it's a must for your bookmarks. Each day the lovely Jen & her hubby post up photos of Professional Bakers Cakes that haven't quite made the grade, some are really so badly hilarious. Then every Sunday they do a "Sweets" day where the cakes are just incredibly awesome like the cutie I'll leave you with - Just clickity click the pic to see it in it's full cuteness:

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