Saturday, 13 March 2010

Rock n Retro Rarities - 13/03/10

I'm so looking forward to moving out of the shop/workshop and going back to basics - working from home!

We're actually moving house in the very near future and I'll have my own workshop and office space there, which I'm really excited about as it's going to give me so much more time to focus on the website again, getting things exactly how I want them :)

One of the new things that I'm hoping to build upon, when the move has finally taken place, is the introduction of our Rarities range. Rock n Retro Rarities are pieces which we make in limited edition quantities of 50 or less, once they're gone they're gone for good!

We've currently got two Rarities in Stock:

Carousel Horses Necklace - £4.50

Leafy Lace & Bow Necklace: £7.00

I'll also be hoping to keep my blogging promise of 2 a week. I'm managing one a week at the moment, which is really good for me, but I must do better!

Sarah @ Rock n Retro

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