Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's Like Christmas! - 23rd September

Or my birthday! We've had some fab new stuff into the Bricks & Mortar over the last week:

An all new to Lewis range of Manic Panic Dyes - 10 different colours/shades and the Cotton Candy Pink makes me want to dye my hair again, even though I said no more after the orange!

Yes, that is me, in the croft with my old car announcing to the Photo-Taker that my Hair actually matches my Lazy Oaf I Like Donuts Hoodie :D The stoopid look on my face is actually a manic woop grin, hahah!

Our current MP colours.

AND even more excitingly we're very proud to be a new stockist of Kitsch-Tique

Scrummy button and cupcake jewels in awesomely bright colours - be sure to pop in to check them out!

And! We've had some more Fancy Dress orders come in in preperation for Halloween - it's all go here :)

Sarah @ Rock n Retro

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