Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's Like Christmas! - 23rd September

Or my birthday! We've had some fab new stuff into the Bricks & Mortar over the last week:

An all new to Lewis range of Manic Panic Dyes - 10 different colours/shades and the Cotton Candy Pink makes me want to dye my hair again, even though I said no more after the orange!

Yes, that is me, in the croft with my old car announcing to the Photo-Taker that my Hair actually matches my Lazy Oaf I Like Donuts Hoodie :D The stoopid look on my face is actually a manic woop grin, hahah!

Our current MP colours.

AND even more excitingly we're very proud to be a new stockist of Kitsch-Tique

Scrummy button and cupcake jewels in awesomely bright colours - be sure to pop in to check them out!

And! We've had some more Fancy Dress orders come in in preperation for Halloween - it's all go here :)

Sarah @ Rock n Retro

Friday, 11 September 2009

Rock n Retro Wins! - 11th September

A week ago today I was uber nervous, attending the ceremony for the Regional Finals of the PSYBT Business Awards (Outer Hebrides Region)

From those eligible we had been whittled down to two Businesses, myself with Rock n Retro and Anna Donachie from Barraheads Salon - The first and only salon on the Isle of Barra, no mean feat when the Island has a population of just around 1000 -

When the results were announced I was a bit gobsmacked, I honestly didn't think I would win, surprise! The following hour consisted of millions of photos, lots of talking and sneaking a few bites from the buffet before heading back to open the shop! (I really don't like the photo of me in the link below - I'm all pasty and dark circled eyes, doh!

Love how they've got me as being 24 not 25 :D

Now the excitement and build up has gone, I'm back to knuckling down and working on lots of new designs and items ready for a shop update in the very near future!

Sarah @ Rock n Retro