Thursday, 12 March 2009

12th March - News and New Products!

Some exciting news in the world of Rock N Retro, last weekend I signed a lease on a workshop/office space in my local town :D

A few pics below of how it was at the start. Myself and everyone I can get to help me are currently sorting it out and getting it how I want - the plan is to have it mainly as a workshop and office but to also have my Clothes Show retail counter so the fabby local people can drop in too!

Some more plans are afoot but they're top secret at the moment ;)

I've just added quite a few new items to the website today - including the much missed charm bracelets - each one is unique - and we sold out of them super early at the Clothes Show Live in December!

Now to go and do more work in the shop :D

Sarah ('',)